History of Quinceañera

The history of Quinceañera dates back to the Aztecs around 500 B.C. 

and refers to a girl's fifteenth birthday. By age fifteen, boys were expected to become warriors and fulfil their father's expectations.

For girls, it was the time in their life when they were presented to the community as young ladies, instead of girls.  Fifteen-year-old Aztec girls were considered women and were given the instruction and responsibilities of womanhood and although this is a hugely significant rite of passage, it is also an enormous honor, one that Mexican girls today look forward to with pride and happiness.

throughout the history of Quinceañera, this event has been full of ritual and tradition.

What used to be a Mexican festival has been adopted by other countries in South America, and the tradition has been carried into the U.S. where as the years go by, the celebrations become grander and richer

Adding a Photo shoot session before the special day, has become a custom in order to make a  Quinceañera's  Beautiful  20x30 Portrait to be display at the reception.

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